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Welcome to The GROUND Up, our monthly newsletter where we wrestle the cultural zeitgeist to bring you our highlights from the world of social, sport, entertainment and tech.

Sports GROUND: Punch a YouTuber
YouTubers are usually more known for trolling their competition behind their webcams as opposed to rolling from a right hook in the ring. However, with the recent boxing match between influencers KSI and Joe Weller, that trend seems to be changing. The pair laced up their gloves in front of a live audience of 1.6 million and generated 20 million cross-channel streams overnight. KSI has since agreed to defend his belt against controversial YouTuber Logan Paul in August, supported by a YouTuber Boxing undercard. There’s a high chance this will be YouTube’s most-watched event, but interestingly YouTube as of yet are distancing themselves from this hype train. Let’s see their position when the inevitable sponsors start rolling in.

GROUNDbreaking: This Spike Jonze x Apple ad will blow your mind… Twice. 
Did you catch the Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs ad for the Apple HomePod? If not, do yourself a favour and check it out here. After you’re done with that psychedelic trip and having your mind blown for the first time… make your way over to the behind the scenes clip here and see how the majority of the ad was made with barely any CGI. See, told ya... mind blown twice. Inspiring to see a true visionary genius at work and it shows how craft, creativity and time can result in truly amazing content for brands.

Home GROUND: Insta-Liars
Looking to kickstart your next influencer campaign? Did you know there’s a one in 10 chance the influencers you follow on Instagram aren’t as influential as their numbers may lead you to believe? These are the 'InstaLiars', the so-called influencers with thousands of fake and inactive followers. A recent study by social media technology company Hypetap suggests just how common this is in Australia, with influencers using suspicious behaviour to beef up their numbers in order to attract brands. Travel and fashion seem to be the categories with the most 'InstaLiars'. Want to learn our process for working with influencers and avoiding this type of situation? Feel free to hit us up.

PlayGROUND: Our April Fools wrap-up
April Fools is always a field day for brands on the social calendar. An opportunity to get creative, have a laugh and importantly get media coverage. 2018 has been no exception with many brands attempting to ‘break the internet’ via sharable content made with witty deception. Here are some of our favourites at GROUND HQ:

GROUND Work: KNOBBY Campaign - 'Knobs of Australia'
Did you know Australia has more knobs than anywhere else in the world? In our latest campaign for men’s subscription underwear brand, KNOBBY, we showed the extreme lengths that the brand will go to in order to ensure that all these knobs are covered. Don’t worry ‘Spanker Knob’ and ‘Quality Knob’, we’ve got you! Building on the launch video we worked with our  ‘Knobassadors’/Influencers in Jamie ZhuThe Royal StampedeFairbairn Films & AngryDad, along with media partners Basketball Forever & KIIS to create a fan inspired #KnobbyNation movement. The campaign has received over 3 million views,140,000 engagements to date and resulted in a significant increase in sales. So go on and join the #KnobbyNation.

Colin Fairley