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Welcome to The GROUND Up, our monthly newsletter where we wrestle the cultural zeitgeist to bring you our highlights from the world of social, sport, entertainment and tech.

Home GROUND: Facebook's new initiative: Use Facebook less
Facebook is remarkably sticking to their recent promise to empower users to spend less time on the platform. Well, that’s not completely true, their latest update is all about making people’s time on Facebook more efficient. In this socially connected world, the temptation for procrastination is strong, so their new feature to disable push notifications and track the time that you spend on the platform is a refreshing initiative.

PlayGROUND: Lego building a green legacy, brick by brick
Lego has its history literally built in plastic but has taken their mission for a sustainable future to the next level with a new range of plant-shaped bricks built from sugarcane plastic. The eco-friendly ‘Plants from Plants’ range was announced earlier this year and is now officially available for purchase. Remarkably, despite not being able to see, smell or feel the difference, the building blocks are recyclable and have a far smaller impact on the environment. Unfortunately, Lego released an official statement confirming that stepping on a brick is still likely to bring a grown man to tears.

GROUND Work: Creative Vandalism at Advertising Week
The GROUND team headed over to Luna Park to hear advertising creative royalty, Jeff Goodby speak at Advertising Week. The industry legend gave an inspiring talk on the need for ‘Creative Vandalism’ in advertising. No, we’re not talking about putting your teenage graffiti tag on your Art Director’s scamp, but the need for you and your clients to think differently. The talk provided insightful tactics on how to get the creative juices flowing – ranging from taking a different route to work each day, researching jokes, to looking for things to write about more than writing. Our Copywriter took an aeroplane to work yesterday and sued the airport for losing his luggage. He lost his case. Sorry…

Sports GROUND: Lebron's 'I Promise' School
We all know an overachiever, but this guy has to take the cake for being theGOAOAT (Greatest overachiever of all time). Best current NBA player, $1 billion Nike contract, family man, political activist and yet Lebron James still isn’t content. Thesuperstar recently returned to his hometown of Akron, Ohio to open the ‘I Promise School’ - the latest initiative of the LeBron James Family Foundation. The school offers 240 kids free tuition, uniforms, transport, food, and guarantees tuition to theUniversity of Akron for anyone who graduates. He even managed to make Donald Trump jealous. Swish.

GROUNDbreaking: 'GUESS' what? Alibaba has an AI for Fashion
Just last month we were talking about Alibaba’s claims of changing the agency landscape but now it is fashion that the tech giant has its eye on. In a collaboration with Italian fashion house, GUESS, the ‘FashionAI’ concept incorporates technologies, like machine learning and computer vision into offline retail outlets to create an enhanced shopping experience for customers. Allowing brands and retailers to gain more consumer insights to assist in driving sales and creating store efficiencies.  

Colin Fairley