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Welcome to The GROUND Up, our monthly newsletter where we wrestle the cultural zeitgeist to bring you our highlights from the world of social, sport, entertainment and tech.

GROUNDbreaking: Zozosuit's you 
Introducing the Zozosuit. A suit covered in 300 high tech sensors and when linked upwith a smartphone app, can capture dozens of precise body measurements enabling the wearer to buy clothes from the accompanying app that are custom made to their exact size. This innovative and bespoke piece of wearable tech is not only taking its homeland Japan by storm but is shaking the foundations of the rigid and traditional sizing of the fashion industry. With the Zozosuit now launched in 72 countries, including Australia, everyone now has the opportunity to avoid changing room queues and have a tailored experience.

Home GROUND: YouTube introduces vertical ads
YouTube, in what could be seen as a strategic snap back at Instagram and Facebook’s recent launch of their own long-form video offering in IGTV and Facebook Watch, has now embraced vertical video ads that are synonymous with their platform rivals. Reactive response or not, with 70% of YouTube video consumption being on mobile and user behaviour being driven by the likes of Instagram Stories, the change was inevitable. Our take, is that it's just all about taking the mindset of putting the user experience first. 1x1, 16x9 or 9x16, agencies and brands need to adapt to provide the optimum platform and consumption experience for their fans.

GROUND Work: GROUND does Destiny
Ok you got us…'The GROUND Up' is slightly late this week, but hang on we do have an excuse. The last few weeks have been the payoff for months of campaign planning around the release of Activision’s Destiny 2: Forsaken. Working at theEsports High-Performance Centre with the likes of Benji Marshall, Briggs, Seth Sentry, Martin Nguyen, Podcasters and Gamers, we created an epic Facebook Live and Twitch Livestream battle. Add to the mix a content shoot and media day, it was great to see the integrated offering we provide here at GROUND come to life in such a fun and impactful way. Stay tuned for the brand video which will be out in a couple of weeks (in 1x1, 9x16 and 16x9 of course).

PlayGROUND: Punch a YouTuber 2.0
Appreciate we are going back a few weeks, but here at GROUND anything that combines our love of sport and YouTubers, we’ve just got to share with you. Following on from one of our early GROUND Up editions, we talked about the first YouTube Boxing battle between KSI and Joe Weller. Well this time, KSI defended his 'Championship Belt’ against rival YouTuber, Logan Paul. The YouTubers took things up a notch, filling out a stadium holding 21,000 people, generating over 800,000 Pay-Per-View buys at $10 a pop and over 1.2 million illegal live streams. It even had boxing royalty Michael Buffer announcing the event. The bout disappointedly ended up a draw, with a rematch now in the pipeline, so ‘Let’s get readyyyy to rumble!’.

Sports GROUND: Esports at Olympics
Building on the success of six esports debuting at the traditionally sport-focused Asian Games, momentum is building for esports to feature at future Olympic games. Sadly it’s a no for the moment from the IOC, citing violence in computer games goes against Olympic values. With esports predicted to reach over $1.8 million dollars in revenue in the next two years and a global audience of 320 million, the money and fans might see the IOC running out of excuses.

Colin Fairley